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The SunBet Poker Tour Sibaya Series has come to a thrilling close, with Kinesh Pather taking the gold in The Main Event. After intense rounds of poker mastery and strategic prowess, the final three players made an ICM deal, concluding the event on a high note.

Pather walked away with a handsome R542,791, followed by Fazel Dawood, who pocketed R443,858. Sajid Moibeen secured the third position, cashing out with R423,850. Their competitive spirit and strategic gameplay contributed to an exciting and high-stakes finale, making this event one to remember.

But the Main Event was not the only high point of the series. The Mega Million Winner was Lagen Zackey, who walked away with a cool R270,000. Jesse Rosen clinched the High Roller title, walking away with an impressive R503,314, while Ray Adam, the Big Shot winner, took home R314,160.

The Little Slam event was won by Sugen Singh, who managed to secure R153,000. In the 6-MAX event, Ahmed Karrim emerged victorious, taking home R75,000. Benjamin Lingenfelder Jnr. proved his mettle in the R5k Single Day event, winning R55,388, while Anand Kumar triumphed in the 10K SupaStak, taking home R71,666.

The Mystery Bounty Winner was Ben Geldenhuys, who walked away with R50,000. Ian Star won the second R5k Single Day event, netting R55,000. And finally, Tanith Rothman emerged victorious in the Semi Freeze event, taking home R14,080.

The SunBet Poker Tour Sibaya Series was a stunning showcase of poker talent and strategy. It was a series that delivered high stakes, high tension, and high rewards. And, as we wrap up, we can’t help but congratulate all the winners for their impressive gameplay and look forward to the next exciting series on the horizon.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants – you’ve made this series a thrilling one!

View all the photos from Sibaya here:Β bit.ly/sibayaphotos

The SunBet Poker Tour’s β€˜Race To Vegas’ Leaderboard has come to a thrilling conclusion! 🏁
The final top 10 have won a Vegas Package & will be representing #TeamSA at the World Series Of Poker 2023!
A standing ovation for our top 3 players, who not only secured their Vegas package they have won their seat to the $10,000 WSOP Main Event πŸŽŠπŸ’°
πŸ₯‡ Ahmed Karrim
πŸ₯ˆ Alvin Pillay
πŸ₯‰ Darren Kramer
4th – Kinesh Pather
5th – Jesse Rosen
6th – Rudolf Fourie
7th – Max Deveson
8th – Stephen Courtney
9th – Fazel Dawood
10th – Edgar Antezana
The competition was fierce at Sibaya, with all players battling tirelessly for points to make it out on top. It was a tight race and a true testament to the high level of skill and tenacity of all our players.
Congratulations to all our winners!



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