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The SunBet Poker Tour Sun City Series has concluded, and what an incredible journey it has been! From smashing the initial R5 million guarantee within the first weekend of the series to reaching a total prize pool of a staggering R12.8 million, this series has showcased the true spirit and skill of poker enthusiasts. Let’s take a look at the remarkable highlights and winners of this unforgettable event.

Winners and Prizes:

Mega Million Winner – Edgar Antezana: Edgar Antezana emerged as the Mega Million champion, taking home an impressive prize of R640,000. His strategic prowess and dedication paid off handsomely.

Little Slam Winner – Gavin Sardini: Gavin Sardini clinched the title of Little Slam Winner, walking away with R120 000 in prize money. His consistent performance throughout the series secured his victory.

SUPASTAK 1 Winner – Anand Kumar: Anand Kumar proved his poker skills by triumphing in the SUPASTAK 1 tournament, winning R94 695. His calculated moves earned him a well-deserved victory.

R100k Heads-Up Challenge Winner – Hagai Dayani: Hagai Dayani demonstrated his mastery in the R100k Heads-Up Challenge, seizing a remarkable prize of R495 000. His strategic decisions paved the way to victory.

BIG SHOT Winner – JP Van Der Spuy: JP Van Der Spuy emerged as the BIG SHOT Winner, claiming R340 000. His bold and calculated gameplay set him apart from the competition.

High Roller Winner – Cliton Taliwanth: Cliton Taliwanth showcased his poker expertise by conquering the High Roller tournament and winning an impressive R850 000. His exceptional skills earned him a well-earned victory.

Warm-Up Main Event Winner – Max Deveson: Max Deveson shone in the Warm-Up Main Event, securing victory and R280 000 in prize money. His dedication and strategic play paid off in this thrilling event.

SUPASTAK 2 Winner – Imran Bhojani: Imran Bhojani emerged victorious in SUPASTAK 2, earning R180 000.

Main Event Winner – S.M: The ultimate glory of the Main Event was claimed by the player known as S.M, who walked away with the prestigious trophy, bracelet, and an incredible prize of R738 492

Unforgettable Main Event Stories:

The Main Event final table was filled with captivating stories that highlighted the essence of poker as a game of skill, chance and drama.

Maverick Zackey: Maverick Zackey’s remarkable journey saw him earning a seat entirely for free at a Times Square casino freeroll tournament. Without the need for rebuys or add-ons, he secured 7th place and a rewarding prize of R150 000, proving that determination can lead to extraordinary results.

Elaine Pfister: Elaine Pfister’s story is one of seizing opportunity. Winning a rake-free flip & Go satellite on the morning of Day 2 of the Main Event, she jumped straight into the tournament and finished an impressive 5th place winning R200 000.

The Final 4 ICM Deal: The final four players, Chad, Banks, Okie, and eventual champion S.M, made a historic ICM deal. This marked a significant milestone in their poker careers as they achieved their largest tournament cashes to date. The deal showcased the camaraderie and sportsmanship that define the South African poker community.

As the curtains close on the SunBet Poker Tour Sun City Series, the memories and heartwarming stories will linger on. Congratulations to all the winners and participants for making this series an unforgettable experience!

View all the photos from Sun City here: bit.ly/SunCityPhotos



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